Turn Your Apartment into a Photo Gallery

The cold winter months often encourage us to work on indoor activities. If you’re working to display your favorite photos in a stylish way, try one or more of these ideas:

photo display stairs 300x160 Turn Your Apartment into a Photo Gallery


Hanging pictures on a staircase hall is pretty common, but you can still do it stylishly. Choose all black and white photos, or another unifying theme. Stagger the pictures into a step pattern themselves. Frame differently sized photos in the same size mat.

Inside of cabinet doors

Like a clean aesthetic, but still want to display your memories somewhere? Try the inside of cabinet doors—you’ll see those happy smiles every time you reach for the cereal.

Gallery style

If you’ve got some truly remarkable photos, take a leaf out of a curator’s book. Clear a white wall, mat the photos, and arrange not-too-closely together. You can find tips on how to do so here.

display photos string 300x174 Turn Your Apartment into a Photo Gallery

Hung on a cable

The newest in hipster décor. An incredibly simple and inexpensive way to hang photos: hang them on a string. If you don’t mind denting the print, you can just attach a paperclip to the photo and cable simultaneously. This is an excellent display option if you want to easily swap out pictures, or if your landlord doesn’t allow hanging photos directly on the wall.

As one piece

If you have many small photos, perhaps related to one another by subject, you may choose to show them as one cohesive piece. Do this by buying a multi-photo frame, or by arranging them in neat rows—the latter option allows you to add to a growing collection.

Large canvas or poster

Got one photograph that you really love, and wouldn’t mind staring at for years? Why not blow it up and have it printed on a large canvas or poster? You can even apply it to a wall in lieu of repainting.

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