Apartment Resolution: Test Out Pinterest

I hope that all of you had a wonderful New Year! Have any of you made resolutions?  I tend to mix them up: One year, I’ll go for something very vague (live more in the present); then the next, I’ll go for something very specific (have all bills on auto-pay by February 1).  This year, a friend and I decided that we would do something in between.  We made a list of things we want to do, and how regularly: Read–once a day; Yoga–once a week; Volunteer–once a month; and the most fun, Pinterest creativity–once a month.

I have a bright, airy apartment and two lovely roommates. We have comfortable furniture, a well-equipped kitchen, and wood floors.  The only thing we’re missing is some fun interior design! Working in marketing at MyNewPlace, I spend a lot of time looking at and lusting after apartment decor; I’m constantly impressed by gorgeous and practical DIY ideas.  Of course, Pinterest is brimming with all kinds of creative ideas.

Here are some projects we’re thinking about.  If you have a favorite Pinterest DIY project, let me know here or on Facebook.  Let the crafting begin!

Wax Luminaries

I love the soft light that you can only get from tea candles.  However, I always seem to lose the class luminaries for them. With this project, you can make luminaries of out of the same material you use for candles–how cool!

waxluminary Apartment Resolution: Test Out Pinterest


Yarn Snowmen

Because we live in San Francisco, we never get snow.  As a New Englander, I miss the white stuff! These little snowmen are so cute and really add a little winter festivity.

yarnsnowmen Apartment Resolution: Test Out Pinterest


Rustic Dresser

Okay, so this one is pretty ambitious…but I love the shabby-chic look, and it would be so useful! I’ll definitely have to bribe my handy friends with cookies and pizza so that they’ll help me with this gorgeous piece.

dresser Apartment Resolution: Test Out Pinterest

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