Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

A quick Google search will get you approximately 36 bajillion ideas for holiday craft projects. We’ve culled a few of our favorites, with an emphasis on things you could use or give:

holiday crafts snowflake 290x300 Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

Beaded snowflake ornament

Looks surprisingly like a snowflake, and can be used to adorn your tree or someone else’s.

holiday crafts card 255x300 Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

DIY holiday cards

You need cards for the holiday, why not make your own? I could have suggested one, but BuzzFeed scrounged 49 tutorials to choose from. Better yet: have the kids make them.

holiday crafts mittens Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

Felt mittens for kids

A good project whether as a gift, or to just weather the weather. Martha’s mittens are of monsters.

holiday crafts stocking 300x225 Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

Homemade stocking

Need a last-minute stocking? Has the three-year-old finally realized his stocking is a large sock, while his older siblings’ are somewhat spiffier? Have a new pet who needs treats from Santa? Just make your own stocking; it’s more meaningful than buying one. Your three-year-old will get that (in about twenty years).

holiday crafts gift basket 252x300 Ho Ho Holiday Crafts

Gift basket

“Crafting” can be as simple as arranging something artfully. If you’re unsure what to give someone, why not make a gift basket? You can steal this idea of a s’mores basket, but you can also make a movie-watching gift basket (popcorn, candy, a cozy blanket), a reader’s gift basket (list of good books, reading glasses, maybe an actual book or two), a new cook’s basket (basic tools for around the kitchen)…the options are endless.

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