Crafting with Baby Food Jars

Think the only thing to do with baby food jars is recycle them by the dozens? Think again: there are tons of ways you can reuse them in your home. (Psst: our last tip will help you avoid buying so many in the future!)

diy baby food jars candles 300x225 Crafting with Baby Food Jars

If you regularly keep tea light candle around the house, consider using a baby food jar as a holder, for safety. For the avid candle user, melt down older candles into a jar, quickly insert a wick, and kill two reuse birds with one stone by making your very own recycled candles.

A common reuse of little jars: organization. You can nail lids to the bottom of a self for easy-to-see storage of little workshop doodads. Same goes for organizing small stuff in the bathroom (hair bands, bobby pins, Q-tips) or the myriad of tiny tools in your sewing or jewelry-making kit. Gardeners: use labeled jars to separate your seeds until next season’s planting.

For people who grow their own spices or buy them in bulk, baby food jars offer a perfectly-sized storage container. Learn how to label them by etching. You can also fill them with good-smelling herbs, cover them with thin cloth or screen, and leave them throughout the house as little pots of potpourri.

diy baby food jars snow globes Crafting with Baby Food Jars

If you enjoy reuse for fun (I believe this falls under the broad category of “crafting”) rather than practicality, why not make your own advent calendar? Ditto for crafting little snow globes, which could be given as little holiday presents.

diy baby food jars pie 300x297 Crafting with Baby Food Jars

Speaking of the holidays, baby food jars can be used as mini holiday favors, holding small amounts of jam or dessert. You can even fit a pie into one. Throwing a baby shower? Pass out favors separated into little jars.

Given that baby food jars were made to store baby food, why not make your own wholesome purees and refill the meal-sized containers?

Do you have any craft-tastic ideas for how to re-use baby food jars? Tell us here or on Facebook!



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