Keeping Cats Happy In Your Apartment

Why keep your cat inside? The average life span of an outdoor cat is only 2 to 3 years, compared with up to 15 to 20 for indoor cats. That’s just one reason. If you’ve chosen to keep your kitty from the dangers and pleasures of being outdoors, you can at least make living inside a little more fun:

No Kitty Prozac Here

indoor cat garden 300x225 Keeping Cats Happy In Your Apartment

Plant a Cat Garden

Bring nature inside; plant some cat grass, catnip, or other cat-friendly plants for your little beasty to play among. Remember, lots of plants are not for cats and will poison them, including lilies, tulips, English ivy, chrysanthemum, and amaryllis.

indoor cat catnip 300x264 Keeping Cats Happy In Your Apartment

Say Yes to Drugs

Even if you don’t grow your own catnip, you can buy it. Catnip isn’t for all cats, but the ones who like it really like it. Might as well indulge them!

Encourage Window Gazing

You’ve brought the outdoors in, but you can still let your cat a little closer to the bounty of nature. Make sure your cat can perch easily near a window. Hang a birdhouse or bird feeder right outside—for a cat, that’s better than watching a cooking show. If you can manage a small, fenced area in a yard or on a deck, allow for some fresh-air sunbathing.

indoor cat tower 300x200 Keeping Cats Happy In Your Apartment

Build Vertical Castles

Hopefully you’ve noticed that cats enjoy climbing. Consider buying a cat tree; it has the added benefit of being a claw sharpener.

Trick Them Out with Toys

Cats aren’t too unlike kids. If they’re sad or antsy, you just placate them with a toy, right? At least, that’s how I was raised. Toys can keep your pet occupied for hours. Just don’t trip over them or you could be as housebound as your cat.

Pay Attention

Get off your computer this instant, and go love your cat!

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