Boost Cell Service in Your 20th Century Apartment

cell reception hero 300x225 Boost Cell Service in Your 20th Century Apartment

Can You Hear Me Now?

If you get less-than-amazing cell service at home, there are a few things you can do, short of switching carriers. Which is in all honesty is often the best solution.

Make your own antennae

There are several ways to freestyle an improved antenna, including using a paperclip (reportedly okay) to empty coffee cans (not glamorous, but reportedly effective). Try them all and stick with whichever works best.

cell reception 223x300 Boost Cell Service in Your 20th Century Apartment

Buy the equipment

Depending on your service provider, you can purchase either a femtocell or a repeater AKA booster; either will act as a sort of mini-cell tower for your home. Compare and contrast, and know they don’t come cheap. You can also buy an inexpensive antenna, but it won’t be as effective.

Edit your preferred roaming

Your preferred roaming list, or PRL, lets your phone know which towers to connect to in the immediate vicinity. Your phone does this automatically; if you want to reboot it, you can update it to include your current network. How you do this depends on your provider.

Position yourself

Is there a place in your apartment that offers more service? Say, the balcony? Figure it out, and suppress that nagging voice saying that it’s supposed to be a “mobile” phone, not a “only in the west corner of the living room” phone. Cell phones also work better when you hold them correctly, i.e. right side up. It may be a choice between speakerphone/less radiation to the brain, and actually making the call.

Keep your battery charged

Your phone requires extra power to find a signal, and to make a call. If your battery’s low, it might not provide enough power for both.

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