More Apartment Gifts!

Last week, my work-wife, Julia, proposed the idea of giving apartment gifts this year.  While reading through her post, I realized how many of the things I am asking for are actually for my home! I graduated from college a few years ago, but didn’t move into my dream apartment until July. I live in a busy neighborhood, so I often have friends stopping by.  Also, I want to hone my cooking and yoga skills, now that I really have the space to stretch out.


speakers More Apartment Gifts!

I play music all the time–when I’m cleaning, when I’m cooking, even when I’m in the shower.  While I love my laptop, it just isn’t loud enough. Once you add in a decent set of speakers, my Rihanna soundtrack becomes a full-on dance party.


Keurigkeurig More Apartment Gifts!

You’ve probably seen these–the coffee machines that make one cup at a time.  I was always skeptical of them, because I love my coffee machine at home; thanks to my grandfather, my motto is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” However, when I spent a weekend with a friend who had one of these machines, I fell in love. It’s so easy to pop in a K-cup (what they call the little coffee pods), press the button, and 30 seconds later, voila! Plus, if you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can buy a refillable cup for your own coffee.


soda More Apartment Gifts!

This is the other kitchen appliance I’m lusting after. Like the Keurig machine, I got this idea after spending some time in a friend’s kitchen.  The Sodastream will carbonate tap water to make seltzer–one of my favorites! However, if you’re like most people and you don’t like seltzer water as much as I do, they have mixes for soda, too.

Yoga Mat

yogamat More Apartment Gifts!

I told myself I didn’t need one of these.  However, doing sit-ups and downward-facing dog on my hardwood floor really is not as comfortable as I thought it’d be.  These are affordable and super comfortable.  I also love that they have a million pretty patterns and eco-friendly options.

Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide

mrboston More Apartment Gifts!

My roommates and I love making use of our big, airy apartment to have friends over–whether it’s a big party on Saturday night, or an intimate weeknight dinner party. We stocked up on all the wet bar essentials, but the thing is…we really don’t know how to mix all these spirits.  This guide is the bartender’s standard, and I’m eager to learn what’s what.

Any other ideas what I should ask for?  What is your apartment missing?  Write a letter to Santa, then tell me on Facebook!


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