CUZ THEY'RE SO CUTE! Keeping House Rabbits

Can’t do cats or dogs, but still want pet cuddles? Maybe you should consider getting  a rabbit as your apartment pet. But only if your landlord gives the OK.

rabbits cage 300x224 CUZ THEY'RE SO CUTE! Keeping House Rabbits

Start with a cage and a trip to the snip snip

Part of the reason to keep rabbits inside is to give them more space than they’d have living outside in a hutch. That said, it’s reasonable to start with a cage, and gradually let them explore more of the house. Also, unless you’re breeding rabbits—an entirely different beast, let me tell you—spay your rabbits. Otherwise they might spray—in your house. True story: rabbits can be litter-box trained! But it’s much easier if their hormones aren’t coming into play.

You’ll need to rabbit-proof, well, everything

The downside to a rabbit’s curiosity is that it includes everything from cardboard to electrical wires to carpeting. Rabbits leave no infrastructure untouched. Electric cables can be easily taken care of with spiral cable wrap, which is very cheap. You may also want to designate just one rabbit room, so you don’t have to worry about the whole apartment. Needless to say, we can’t imagine Martha Stewart has house rabbits (although if she did, she’d probably have a did-it-herself craft palace for them to live in).

rabbits baby 300x291 CUZ THEY'RE SO CUTE! Keeping House Rabbits

Get ‘em while they’re young

There are a couple reasons to adopt a younger rabbit, unless you can find a well-trained older rabbit. It’s good to socialize rabbits young, so they are comfortable around or even like humans. You think that cats are independent and even snooty? Rabbits need you even less; get them to like you early. Also, younger rabbits are easier to house-train than older ones.

Get all sides of the story

Many people are rabbit enthusiasts, but not all. Some might even call them “ill-tempered, destructive, boring, unrewarding animals.” They live for a while (unless you’re raising them for fur), so be sure they’re what you want!

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