Give the Gift of Apartment Cheer

Now that we’re officially in Christmas/holiday mode (my benchmark is after Thanksgiving, no matter what retail store decorations tell me) it’s time to start racking your brain for gift ideas. It can be tough, right? You want to give gifts people might actually use, but not stuff that’s so practical it’s boring. Fortunately, apartment living lends itself to a perpetual wish list! Here are some gift ideas for the apartment dweller in your life…

julia blog christmas food processor 300x300 Give the Gift of Apartment Cheer

Food processor

These are so awesome. And the best part is you don’t even know what you’re missing until you own one! Seriously, this is one of my favorite apartment items — it makes food preparation a million times easier and definitely helped me graduate from college food to real-person meals. These also fit a range of gift budgets, from expensive electric ones to very affordable manual choppers.

Throw blanket

Sounds simple, but this can be a really nice addition to a room and will definitely get used. Throw blankets can add some color and texture to your furniture decor, and if you buy a nice fuzzy one, they’re perfect for wrapping yourself up in on the couch (which can help you save money on heating — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!)

julia blog christmas tree 218x300 Give the Gift of Apartment Cheer

Small Christmas tree or other holiday decoration

Okay, so this might need to be a sort of pre-holiday gift, BUT! For people who live in small apartments and don’t have much space to decorate, feeling festive over the holidays can be kind of tough. Seasonal decorations (anything from scented candles to a wreath to an actual tree) will bring some unexpected cheer to their place. I used to have super small one on my desk in college and it really made a difference!

Mulling spices

Benefit of tiny apartments: it is really easy to waft a scent around quickly. Mulling spices are 1) delicious 2) excellent-smelling and 3) useful! You can mull wine or juice, or even just water if you’re going for the scent rather than the beverage. Again, super festive, and easy to use in even the smallest places.


Cute and festive? Not necessarily, but seriously everyone should have at least a basic toolkit. If you know an apartment-dweller who doesn’t have one, now is your chance to be a hero three months down the line when a screw comes loose on one of their cabinet handles (or pot handles, if you’re me — my pots are really old). Though landlords can step in for major repairs, small stuff inevitably breaks in apartments and it’s great to have a way to fix it quickly.

julia blog christmas wine rack Give the Gift of Apartment Cheer

Small wine rack

Lots of apartments are short on cabinet space. A small wine rack that’s easy to stow, maybe under other furniture, is a great way to store your wine and save space, which always makes apartment residents happy. And if you wanted to throw in a starter bottle of wine so that rack doesn’t look so sad and empty, I’m sure your giftee wouldn’t mind icon smile Give the Gift of Apartment Cheer

Friend time!

Because at the end of the day, the holidays really aren’t about the stuff we buy, it’s about the people we’re buying for. Gathering your friends and family together at your apartment or theirs (may I suggest over cookies) is, I think, the best gift you can give.

Happy hunting this holiday season! Let us know what’s on your wishlist, or what perfect apartment gifts you’ve found — tell us here or on Facebook!


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