Mattress Turning 101

Many people, myself included, virtually never think about turning their bed mattresses, but it’s an important household chore. We’ll get you up to speed:

Put Your Mattress Down, Flip It, and Reverse It

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But why should you flip your mattress in the first place?

Mattresses wear down over time, so to keep them from sagging and wearing unevenly, you should move them around. Otherwise, the integrity of your mattress—and sleep!—can suffer.

How often should you flip your mattress?

flip mattress how often Mattress Turning 101

Some new mattresses should be flipped every week; older mattresses should be flipped every few month. If you’re lazy, a couple times a year might do it (and here’s one way to remember). HOWEVER, many new mattresses are designed so you don’t have to flip them at all, so check with the manufacturer!

What’s the difference between flipping and turning?

“Flipping” your mattress means turning it over completely, so you’re now sleeping on the surface that previously sat on the box spring or frame. “Turning” your mattress refers to a rotation, so that the same side is up, but the side your head rested on is now at your feet, and vice versa. You should do BOTH to keep your mattress even!

Do I need to flip a memory foam mattress?

Usually not. But you still might need to turn/rotate it.

Anything else?

Don’t try this alone. Mattresses are heavy and super awkward!

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