Stocking Your Wet Bar

Got a wet bar? Here’s what you need… the basic booze set for the serious drinker (yikes):

wet bar brandy alexander Stocking Your Wet Bar

Brandy—some people will want to sip this alone, but brandy also features in a few key cocktails. Brandy Alexander, anyone?

Coffee liqueur—Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s called Kahlua.

wet bar gin and tonic Stocking Your Wet Bar

Gin—absolutely necessary, for gin and tonics and martinis, to start. English dry is a good choice.

Rum—dark and white rum are used for very different drinks, so have both (or at least the dark, which is slightly more common).

Tequila—you at least want white tequila, which mixes well, but if you really like tequila, also stock some gold. Choose a Mexican brand.

Triple Sec—easily forgotten, given that it usually plays back-up to another liquor. But don’t forget it, unless you want to completely forget margaritas.

Vermouth—like triple sec, vermouth is a bit second-string, but also like triple sec, essential for some of your favorite mixed drinks. White vermouth is a must for martinis. You can also stock red.

Vodka—one of the basics, so get a good one. Hard to go wrong with a nice Russian brand.

Whiskey—there are several kinds of whiskey, and you probably want at least a few for your bar. Bourbon and Scotch are both staples in many people’s liquor cabinets. Rye whiskey hails from Canada.

Don’t forget:

Beer—a mix of the basic domestic brands and some classier, interesting microbrews. Remember that beer doesn’t keep forever, so drink up!

Champagne—just a bottle or two. You don’t want a spontaneous celebration to go untoasted!

wet bar wine 300x300 Stocking Your Wet Bar

Wine—both red and white. You can have some cheaper ones (they should at least be drinkable, i.e. not embarrassing) but, like champagne, it’s nice to have a couple really good bottles for that special occasion.

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