Bangin' Bike Storage Ideas

Storing bikes artfully—that is, not on your living room sofa—is a huge problem for apartment dwellers, hipster and otherwise. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found for solving this problem:

bike storage racks 200x300 Bangin' Bike Storage Ideas

Stolmen post bike racks

This design from Ikea Hackers requires only a post, two brackets, four hooks, and a little elbow grease. Fits well in most entryways, or, in a pinch, a bedroom. A great option for DIY-ers, especially those with more than one bike per household. (Got THREE bikes? Try this!)

bike storage bookshelves 300x201 Bangin' Bike Storage Ideas

Bike on a bookshelf

Kill two organizational issues with one shelf. This model from BYOgrafia is a full bookshelf. (There are more beautiful and inaccessible design ideas where that came from.) If you don’t want something that big, or if you can’t read the Italian website, lots of Etsy merchants are selling bike shelves, most in the $80-$200 range. Or, build one yourself!

bike storage hang Bangin' Bike Storage Ideas

Hang ‘em

There are a couple ways to do this, ideal for very vertical apartments rented by absurdly tall people, or someone with a stepladder. One option is simply to screw a large hook into the ceiling—make sure you do this into a stud, and not plaster, unless you want to bring down half of what’s separating you from the roof. You can also buy a pulley system for almost nothing, at least compared to the bike shelves. Check out Unclutter’s list of good Amazon buys for bike storage.

bike storage window Bangin' Bike Storage Ideas

Do it in front of a window

This DIY wall hanger is mounted between two windows. Not a bad idea: it won’t really block that much light, and it’s relatively out of the way. Downside: if you have a nice bike, it’s a huge advertisement for bike thieves.

Under the bed?

In digging around, we found one novel suggestion: put your bed on risers (something we suggest weekly, incidentally), and stash your bike underneath. Works best for bikes with a quick-release tire, so that you’re not tripping on the bit sticking out.

Where do you store your sweet wheels? Show us your storage solutions here or on Facebook.

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