Warning! Party Cyclone Ahead

Hi, I’m Kate.  I work in Marketing here at MyNewPlace, and I really like socializing around the office… I thought that I’d combine the two, and use our blog to tell you about the frenzy that takes over when my roommates and I throw parties.

kate prague1 150x150 Warning! Party Cyclone Ahead

With Halloweekend upon us, I’m sure that lots of you will be hosting parties! Here at MyNewPlace, we are really excited for the holiday—as you might have figured from our recent blog posts.  We’ve already come up with lots of fun ways for you to celebrate; here, though, I want to let you know what you’re in for when you host a party.


My roommates and I try to throw a party every 2-3 months; it’s a great chance to see our friends, and also makes us give the apartment a really thorough cleaning. We wanted to throw one this month, but assumed that all of our friends would have plans for this weekend…so we had a party last weekend. (In case you’re wondering, the theme was “Space Safari.” And no, I still don’t know what that means!) I was surprised how much of a cyclone it caused—so I’m here to warn you.

party girls Warning! Party Cyclone Ahead

Weeks ahead of time, my roommates were already freaking out.  It was a frenzy to invite everyone as quickly as possible, because we wanted to get on our friends’ calendars.  Note: Your friends will be flaky; they may come even if they don’t RSVP.  They may RSVP and not come.  Also, remember that not evvvveryone has Facebook! Some of our close friends were offended that they weren’t invited; we couldn’t figure out why, until we realized that we never sent out a mass text!


In the week or so beforehand, your apartment will probably start to look like a warehouse.  We tend to go all out with decorations, so we had plenty of packages coming in the mail.  You can find awesome bargains on Amazon (and if it’s Prime shipping, even better!) and from Oriental Trading Company; however, like your friends, your shippers may be flaky.  Order way before you actually need anything to arrive! Also, when you’re going to do the big shopping trip, make sure you have a car and plenty of hands.  You’d be surprised how much beer weighs! While the bulk of your shopping will be for food and drinks, don’t forget things like cups, napkins, even Bandaids. We had to make at least three extra trips, because we forgot these essentials the first time. Spending can get out of hand when you have four people running all over the grocery store.  If you want to prevent “If you give a moose a muffin” syndrome, make a list of how MANY things you need ahead of time, and go through the store as a group.

party food Warning! Party Cyclone Ahead

Once you get home, designate places for everything.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have oodles of extra room (we don’t!),  it’s easier to devote corners by function.  We usually separate things that MUST be refrigerated, things that we want to serve cold, and things that can be room temperature.  We also save a spot for ALL the decorations, so we have a sense of what supplies we have.   Even with this strategy, we spend days tripping through our living room.


Though it’s not a strong suit for my roommates or me, organizing time is really important.  I often make the mistake of planning outings during the day, if our parties don’t begin until 9 or 10. Foolish! Decorating always takes longer than you think, especially when the creative spirit takes over.  Don’t expect to get much done in the hour or two immediately before things begin. You always want to look good at your own party, so leave plenty of time to get ready and then to get costumed. On the big night, I was greeting guests with wet hair, half in-half out of costume.  I was flustered and a little embarrassed, but managed to work in some blowdrying while my guests helped themselves to guacamole and my roommates put the finishing touches on our apartment.

party people Warning! Party Cyclone Ahead

How do you manage to stay calm and keep your parties under control?  I’d love to know your tips for next time! Please leave me a comment here or on Facebook.

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