Put On This Years Creepiest Halloween Party

This is the holiday, the one where you’re allowed to go all-out and not be labeled as totally cheesy. As a result, the pressure’s on! Here are our suggestions for a party that’s Halloween themed down to its (gnarled witch) toes:

halloween party invitation Put On This Years Creepiest Halloween Party Decorations and invitations

You can choose to decorate all under one sub-theme (graveyard, haunted house, Hansel and Gretel, Addams family, or anything else your twisted little heart desires) or just go with a general Halloween theme, and decorate with pumpkins, spiderwebs, and headstones. Decide in advance so you can make your invitations to match. And don’t forget spooky music to add to the ambiance!

halloween party cocktail Put On This Years Creepiest Halloween Party Themed booze, too!

Whatever you serve to drink, spiked or not, see if you can work it into the overall theme. Try a bubbling cauldron of cider, a really bloody Mary, or one of these ideas, my favorite of which has to be Brain Hemorrhage. If you have time, go crazy with your food, too. Peel some grapes and serve them as eyeballs. Make the weirdest Jello mold you can find. Decorate cookies, cutely or creepily. Or try some of these rather graphic offerings.

halloween party games 240x300 Put On This Years Creepiest Halloween Party Thrilling your guests (games)

Now everything from your apartment to your finger food (and we do recommend finger-shaped finger food…) is Halloween-themed. The icing on the cake? Games. If your home is large enough, and you are ambitious enough, you could set up a haunted house right there on the premises. To keep your guests entertained with slightly less effort, go for some games. Donuts on the string and bobbing for apples are the wholesome side of things; something like “Tempt the Fates” amps things up slightly.

Are you having a Halloween party in your apartment this year? Tell us what you’re planning here or on Facebook!



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