Must-Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments

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You don’t have to join a gym to get in shape, but with the space constraints small apartments impose, it can be tough to replicate the gym experience at home. Here are our recommendations for home exercise equipment that will fit in any apartment…

exercise equipment weights 300x208 Must Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments


Medicine ball and free weights

Both of these weighted props are fairly small, easy to stow away out of site. They’re great for strength-building—just be sure you know how to use them safely, as incorrect use or overly heavy weights can cause injuries.

exercise equipment bike Must Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments


Stationary bicycle

Although stationary bikes at the gym tend to be pretty hefty, you can find smaller models to fit into the corner of a room; some of them are just the pedals, and don’t even include a seat. My favorite: biking while streaming TV online.

exercise equipment treadmill Must Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments


Foldable treadmill

We tend to think treadmills are huge investments of space, as well as money. Foldable treadmills address both these concerns; they break down, and tend to be cheaper than traditional treadmills. Many models run well under a grand. You’ll have to have enough floor space to set it up, though.

Workout video

Lots of aerobics videos require no equipment whatsoever, except a pair of well-cushioned sneakers. Try them out for a quick workout where someone else is yelling at you to push yourself. Protip: many cable companies now include free workout videos in their on demand listings. Or just try 8 Minute Abs and be prepared to not laugh comfortably for days.

exercise equipment resistance band 300x199 Must Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments


Exercise bands

Stretchy exercise bands take up almost no space, and help build strength through resistance. Some people argue they’re better and safer than weight training. If you do this regularly, let us know, as we don’t know anyone else who does…

exercise equipment yoga 300x225 Must Have Exercise Equipment for Tiny Apartments


Yoga mat

If you know a bit about yoga, a yoga mat might be all you need to get in some good stretching and strength-building. If you’re new to yoga but keen to learn more, try a class or two so that a teacher can check your alignment before you go crazy doing downward dog at home.

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