Tips for a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Ron Leshnower –’s Apartment Living Expert

ronheadshotsmall Tips for a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

It’s October, which means fall is under way and the holiday season is just around the corner. Many people look forward to the season as a fun, happy time of year. But if you’ve lived in an apartment for a while, you may already know that the holidays can pose certain challenges to apartment dwellers, leading to unwanted stress, nasty arguments, and even higher safety risks.

jack o lanterns Tips for a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

When it comes to Halloween, for example, many parents want their children to enjoy trick-or-treating in their apartment building but are concerned about keeping their kids safe and out of trouble without ruining the fun. Also, some renters don’t want to be bothered by trick-or-treaters on Halloween while others want to participate even though they’ll be away from their apartment on the 31st.

thanksgiving table2 Tips for a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

If you’ve got a roommate, arguments can ensue if you don’t agree on how, and how much, your apartment should be adorned with holiday decor. Also, certain popular items used to celebrate holidays that you might include in your apartment can become safety hazards. For example, improperly maintaining a Christmas tree or skipping precautions when lighting a Hanukkah menorah can lead to a fire.

christmas tree and fire1 Tips for a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

To help you get through the holiday season safely and with the least amount of stress, here’s a summary I put together of these challenges and more, along with ways to handle each one effectively.

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