No-Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

Oh, Martha Stewart. You (and by you, I mean your entire empire) know so much about keeping it classy around the home. Recently, I stumbled across Martha’s No-Sew Crafts. While I don’t really see the point in making a “gallery” of fabrics stretched over frames (seriously, if anyone can explain this to me, I’d very much appreciate it), the page did have a few, more practical ideas for those of you deathly afraid of a sewing needle:

nosew totebag No Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

Tote bags

According to Martha, you can make these with a roll of duct tape and a stapler; I think someone may have forgotten fabric, but we get the gist. This is a great project if you like taking things with you everywhere. Or if you’re a picnic addict. Of if you’re one of the few people in the world who’s never gotten a free tote bag, anywhere. (I think this last situation might mean you’re a hermit.)

nosew socks No Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

Slipper socks

I usually just wear socks, but it’s possible I’m risking my life doing so. Don’t slip; install a grip on your favorite woolies.

nosew apron No Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

Aprons for kids

Apparently, if you want an apron for an adult, you should probably be sewing it: I’m sure Martha wouldn’t be caught dead in something made with fabric glue. If your grandkids come over last minute and happen to be wearing something that just CANNOT be ruined (you know, kids dressed in J.Crew…I’m sure they exist), whip up an apron. Or just don’t bake.

nosew tote No Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

Market tote

I was going to suggest this because it’s better than getting plastic bags that will inevitably end up strangling sea turtles. (You may laugh, but it’s pretty much true.) But I’m guessing you’ll just buy a reusable bag for a dollar, rather than download dear Martha’s template. If you make that choice, just remember: Martha’s way is classier as well as more time-consuming.

nosew fabric gallery 240x300 No Sew Crafts for Your Apartment!

A gallery of fabrics

Wait, what? Didn’t I just malign that ridiculous idea? Yes. But then I thought, if you have interesting fabrics from your travels, or perhaps some favorite baby clothes from you or your kids that can no longer be worn, this might be a simple, easy way to display them, rather than keep them in a box. But I really can’t see the appeal otherwise.

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