No Outdoor Space? Try Indoor Gardening!

There are many reasons you might not be gardening outdoors. Many apartment dwellers don’t have access to enough yard space to allow them to get their green on. Or you might live in the, shall we say, more temperate parts of the country. (90 day growing season anyone?) Or you may just not like your neighbor creeping on you when you’re kneeling in the dirt. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t mean you have to complete give up cultivation. Instead, try growing your plants indoors.

indoor gardening plants No Outdoor Space? Try Indoor Gardening!

Picking the right plants

There are a lotttttt of options available to someone wanting some greenery in their apartment. Go talk to your local nursery professional to get some ideas. Or to get started, take a look at this general guide to choosing houseplants.

indoor gardening light 260x300 No Outdoor Space? Try Indoor Gardening!

Location, location, location

You can’t plop a garden down just anywhere. Choose a space in your house that gets light. Southern-facing windows will usually get the most, but also be aware of just how much direct light your specific plants want; not all of them thrive in super sunny environments. You’ll also need to make sure there’s enough space, given the number and size of these new additions to your living décor.

Taking it easy or going hard

The biggest downside to indoor plants is that they require more maintenance—you’re the only thing that can, as they say, make it rain, and you need to insure that plants are in the correct container size, getting the right amount of light, and not getting eaten by cats with a sense of culinary adventure. If that sounds intimidating, don’t turn away now! Your indoor garden can be as easy as growing self-watering plants in soda bottles. Or it can get serious with hydroponics and a hothouse. Just keep your threshold in mind while planning and don’t overcommit.

indoor gardening veggies 300x225 No Outdoor Space? Try Indoor Gardening!

Increasing your veggie intake

Most people grow plants indoors with for aesthetic appeal, or even air-quality improvement. But you can also use your green thumb to your stomach’s advantage. Herbs are a very easy way to start growing edible things. If you want to get a little more serious, you can branch out to such tasty treats as lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

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