MORE Sweet Events For Your Apartment Complex

We got so excited about all our excellent ideas for you savvy property managers to put on events, we had to add a few more:

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Ice Cream Social

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Okay, actually, I don’t particularly, and lactose intolerant people really don’t, but there are ways around that: also provide cookies and dairy-free ice creams. Poof! You’ve got a very simple, straightforward, and relatively cheap way to show your residents a little appreciation.

Treasure Hunts

These can be of the grown up or child variety. For the former, have residents scour the town for delicious treats, great views, and good beers. Or something to that effect. For kids, keep it more local and hide clues throughout the property. Just make sure you have a great prize for the winner!

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Ah, the frugalest of event choices. Have residents sign up for specific dishes so you know all the bases are covered (and end up with three salads, fifteen Jello desserts, and nothing else). Try to schedule the potluck for a specific event, a la Labor Day Potluck or Boxing Day Potluck, to make it a little less…random.

“Best Apartment” Competition

By now, most of your residents have seen one reality TV show or another in which someone shows off their home, has their place completely redecorated, or moves in with five teenagers and a pit bull they don’t recognize. The point is, if tenants are proud of their apartments and would like to show off their decorating skills, organize an open house when people can tour their (consenting) neighbors’ apartments. Offer awards for things like “best color scheme,” “best kitchen,” etc., and make sure everyone feels good.

Arts OR Crafts Lessons

First, make sure there’s interest—get people to sign up, that is. Then have a workshop series where for a month or two, someone comes in and teaches an art or a craft to students. Basic sewing, scrapbooking, painting…the sky’s the limit. If you don’t want to shell out so much, or think residents won’t commit for that long, just hold one workshop at a time.

Volunteer Days

Volunteering as a group is far more fun than volunteering alone, and can foster a wonderful sense of community between residents. If you or someone who lives at your property has a pet charity, go as a group and help out. If it’s successful, try it monthly or bi-monthly.

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Garden(ing) Party

Want to keep the group closer to home? Try gardening together, either on the property, which will foster a lot of community pride and investment, or as a get-your-flower-box-started event in the spring.


Keep it old school, and host bingo. It’s incredibly cheap and easy, and if you have older residents, very accessible. If you have younger residents, they might attend if only for irony’s sake.

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