Sweet Events For Your Apartment Complex

Listen up, property managers! If you want to keep your residents happy and involved, try out some of these fun events.

Themed Parties

I don’t know about you, but I love a chance to get dressed up as a pirate. Or a fairy. Or a vampire. Or a trash collector. Really, I’m happy to get dressed up as anything. Throw a theme party in your complex, decorate to match, and see how creatively your residents turn out!

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Game Night

If you or your residents want something low-key, try game night. Provide a few board games—Apples to Apples in particular really gets people laughing—and invite attendees to bring along their favorites, too. If it’s a success, consider making it a monthly event.


It’s pretty easy these days to rent a karaoke machine. The only other thing you need for a successful karaoke night? Enough booze that people will brave the stage.

Get To Know Your Neighbor Events

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Admittedly, a get-to-know-your-neighbor night can be a bit lame, so make sure you plan well for this one. Provide food and drinks (that’ll entice them out of their apartments), nametags, and include a cheesy game. For example, everyone’s nametag includes a clue to something interesting about themselves. People might grumble if you make them do something silly, but they’ll often end up enjoying themselves anyway. And your outgoing, in-search-of-friends residents will thank you for the opportunity to meet their fellow tenants.

Pool Party

Does your property have a pool? Set aside a weekend afternoon—and do it soon, while it’s still warm enough!—for a complex-wide pool party.

Bake Off

If you’ve got a lot of residents who enjoy baking—or eating baked goods—try hosting a bake off. Schedule it for a Sunday night, when people can have time to bake during the day, and choose some volunteer judges from among your residents.

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Group Trips

If you’d rather keep the fun off of property grounds, organize a group trip and give residents plenty of time to sign up. Some possible destinations include a fair, the arcade, the beach, a casino. Or just ask residents where they’d most like to go!

Ask Your Residents!

What’s the event a resident is most likely to participate in? One she chose herself. Survey your tenants for community events they’d like to attend—you can give them a list to choose from, or just have write-in events—and then plan the top three or five most popular ones.

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