Easy Space-Saving Inventions For Tiny Apartments

Hopefully, you’ve seen our post on big things you can purchase—or build, if you’re talented like that—to save space in your apartment. Here are a few slightly more moderate changes you can make, if you’re not ready for a huge commitment:

Over-the-Door Organizers

doorrack Easy Space Saving Inventions For Tiny Apartments

These handy guys come in different forms, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Two common models include little wire rack shelves and rows of cloth pockets. Use the racks to organize spices inside a pantry closet; use the pockets to keep your strappy sandals in pairs, and off the floor. You can be more creative than this, however—for example, why not keep household tools like scissors, brushes, rulers, and pens on the back of the basement door? Or your lotions and washcloths in the linen cabinet?

Hanging Produce Baskets

nickelfruit Easy Space Saving Inventions For Tiny Apartments

Hanging baskets are a great idea for freeing up space in a small kitchen. Keep fruits and even vegetables in baskets above the counter. You may want small screen covers for these if you have problems with fruit flies. Baskets allow you to get creative, too—try them out in the bathroom or bedroom.

Hanging Pan Rack

easy space saving inventions for tiny apartments 300x199 Easy Space Saving Inventions For Tiny Apartments

Even if you don’t have an absurdly small kitchen, as most of us living in cities tend to these days, your cooking space will vastly improve with the use of a rack for hanging pans. Say goodbye to scratching your non-sticks or losing your little saucepans amidst the mess of pots.

Day Bed

Screen Shot 2012 09 05 at 12.54.06 PM 300x145 Easy Space Saving Inventions For Tiny Apartments

Okay, this actually falls into the category of “big purchase.” But we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that your bed can do double duty as a couch. Day beds are especially good for studio apartments, where you want a comfortable sleeping arrangement but also want to be able to entertain friends without feeling like you still live in a dorm room.

What smart space-savers do you have in your apartment? Tell us your favorites here or on Facebook!

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