Help! My Tiny Apartment is Killing My Relationship

tiny apartment relationship hero Help! My Tiny Apartment is Killing My Relationship

To clarify: the title of this post is how you may feel, not what we’re trying to promote. Just the opposite, in fact! Let us share some tips on how to peacefully co-exist with your significant other when your apartment is so small that you trip over him on your way to the bathroom/closet/office:

couple cleaning kitchen 300x199 Help! My Tiny Apartment is Killing My Relationship

Keep it clean

Maybe you both really enjoy living a life of clutter and slobbery, and you know what, we’re not judging. But even if you mutually agree that mess is best—which is unlikely, given that one person is usually interested in seeing the floor through the clothing—the messier the apartment, the smaller it feels. Take this opportunity to get your apartment into a state where you’d actually allow friends in your front door without dying of shame. Your studio will feel one step closer to a palace. (Perhaps a teensy, tiny, baby’s-first-walk step, but a step nonetheless.)

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Be intelligent about your furniture layout

Where you put what can make a HUGE difference in how large, or small, your space feels. I personally will rearrange a new bedroom about five times until I can fit everything—bed, desk, dresser, bookcase, chair—against a wall so as to maximize floor space in the middle. This also helps prevent crashing into furniture in the middle of the night. Take some time to intelligently layout your floorplan.

Have so many people over that you feel you might suffocate

At least, that’s how we’re paraphrasing Apartment Therapy’s advice. In short, if you have a party, not only will you have to clean (getting the message yet?), you’ll also realize that two of you in your tiny home isn’t nearly as claustrophobic as 20 of your chattiest friends in your home. Kick them out, and let romantic appreciation follow. (We were just thinking of adoring looks and lots of sighing over wine, but you do what you want.)

Schedule time alone

Not to overload on the personal anecdotes, but the last time I moved into a tiny place and was overwhelmed by the piles of stuff that both my partner and I brought with us, I cried every night. At least, until I drove him so crazy that he stormed out, at which point I promptly stopped crying and started organizing our little landfill into a livable space. While you might not be as wildly emotional as I—and I hope for your sake you’re not—it can still help to have the place to yourself sometimes. Miss your partner so that you actually enjoy it when he or she is there. And make sure to get out of the house yourself sometimes.

How do you make sure living in a tiny space doesn’t drive you both crazy? Tell us here or on Facebook!

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