Leaving For College: The Checklist

college moving 195x300 Leaving For College: The Checklist

We’ve written before on what you should pack when leaving for college; but what should you do to prepare for the big move?

1. Get in touch with your roommates, if possible. Get to know them a bit, coordinate any joint-use items like TVs (you really don’t want three of those in your room), prepare yourself mentally.

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2. Figure out your finances. Know exactly what you need to pay, and exactly how much of that is covered by financial aid, scholarships, loans, or parental help. Make a budget based on how much you can spend on whatever you want or need to spend it on—and don’t forget, textbooks are pricey. Determine whether you’ll need to get a job once you get to school.

3. Choose a meal plan. Be realistic, but also aim for health. How much do you actually eat—and how can you make sure you’re not just eating Late Night Pizza every other night? Freshman 15 is a real thing, and while we don’t want to encourage weight hysteria, we also want you to stay relatively healthy.

4. Buy everything on your packing list that you don’t have, or that you can’t easily purchase once you get to school.

college packing bag 300x194 Leaving For College: The Checklist

5. Pack. Don’t leave this until the last minute; do it at least a day in advance. Then take out a quarter of your stuff, and leave it at home.

6. Make a schedule for the first couple days. You want enough time to move in, unpack, de-stress, have dinner with your mother before she leaves, get lost on the way to orientation, meet people and hang out, buy yourself all the stuff you forgot, figure out where the dining hall is…you get the picture. Write down the essentials—places and times you must be somewhere—and leave blocks of time in between for everything else.

7. Do your homework. Wait, that’s not til at least Day One, right?! Think again. You need to know essential dorm rules, where and when Orientation happens for both school and housing, and also have a general understanding of campus so that you can find your way to class when the big day comes. Don’t freak out—usually, reading the intro packet sent by the school is enough.

8. Have emergency contact info. You’re in college. It’s embarrassing if you don’t know your own parents’ work numbers—especially when you hit your credit limit and need to be bailed out.

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