When To Call Your Landlord

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When should you actually call your landlord?

1. In an emergency

Obviously. But a real emergency, like a fire or flood or something else that threatens life or the structure of the building. So, a small leak might not require an immediate call, if you can fix it yourself or just stick a bucket under it until he has some spare time. But a leak resulting in waterlogged carpet? CALL.

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2. When you spot pests

Mice, rats, roaches, bedbugs. Let your landlord know about these before they get worse.

3. Upon discovering a threat to your health

This could take a number of forms—mold (not a joke people! And not good unless on bleu cheese), broken stair, missing railing, etc. If your apartment could cause you harm, it’s in your landlord’s interest (as well as your own) to get this fixed ASAP. Similarly, if your fire alarms don’t work—or don’t exist!—even after battery replacement, get this fixed immediately.

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4. If someone breaks in

Another kind of threat to your health! Call your landlord and the police. If you’re worried that a break-in might occur—you have an actual good reason, like sub-par security or an increase in neighborhood crime—then talk to your landlord during business hours, but don’t feel like you need to call him at home.

5. When you decide you want to make structural changes to your apartment

Major repairs or renovations are your landlord’s purview; if you want to change something, you need to check first.

6. Your partner moves in

Another time you want to check first. Sure, your significant other can sleep over regularly, but if you want to share the same address, you need to make sure you’re not violating your lease or any occupancy rules.

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