5 Easy Brunch Dishes For Your Apartment

Who doesn’t love brunch? Everything is delicious (always, it’s a brunch rule), you can eat savory and sweet together, you’re allowed Champagne in the morning for goodness’ sake, and best of all you don’t have to get up early. Here are some scrumptious-looking ideas to get you stoked on brunch — plus, you can make them in even the tiniest of apartment kitchens:

brunch waffle 5 Easy Brunch Dishes For Your Apartment

Pumpkin Ginger Waffles

I love unexpected flavors in pancakes and waffles. Sure, they’re already a treat, but this makes them extra-special. Another favorite? Lemon and ricotta pancakes.

brunch biscuits 300x224 5 Easy Brunch Dishes For Your Apartment

Biscuits and Gravy

My friend makes the best biscuits and gravy—he can even make them vegan, and still delicious. Unfortunately I don’t have his recipe, but they’re all pretty similar.

brunch quiche 5 Easy Brunch Dishes For Your Apartment


There are a million variations for quiche; this one from Oprah’s website is zucchini, and crustless. Try a bunch, find your favorite. Go nuts!

brunch cinnamon roll 300x222 5 Easy Brunch Dishes For Your Apartment

Whole What Cinnamon Rolls

I can’t think of anything much more indulgent than a cinnamon roll (unless it’s bacon-wrapped steak with bleu cheese). But if they’re whole wheat, they’re healthy, right? Um, no. But they’re still delicious.


Much like quiche, frittata is slightly more wholesome than your average brunch dish, and involves a lot of eggs. This one relies on roasted asparagus and leeks for its amazing flavor.

What are your favorite brunch dishes? Share your recipes here or on Facebook!

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