Your Quick Guide to DIY Shower Fixes

shower hero 300x268 Your Quick Guide to DIY Shower Fixes

Pretty much our worst nightmare: you roll out of bed on a Monday to start another work week, and hop in the shower only to find it has gone awry overnight. Not cool! As far as we’re concerned, a great shower is an integral part of the day, so here are our quick fix suggestions to try before you call the plumber!

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Mixer Tap

In your shower, the hot and cold water have separate supply pipes, but emerge together so you can blend them to your preferred temperature. This mixer can become blocked, either from poor quality construction or from a buildup of minerals. Rated People has some simple instructions for how you can remedy this situation.


In addition to issues with temperature, showerheads often develop leaks. These can be occur in a number of different places; no matter where, though, How Stuff Works has you covered.

Water Pressure

A shower is judged by its water pressure, so make sure yours is up to snuff. If showering feels like you’re in a sad rainstorm, check out this video for some of the possible ways to fix the problem and up that flow to a warm waterfall. You could be looking at problems with your main line, an overactive flow constrictor, or a clogged or faulty showerhead. Find out which.

shower drain Your Quick Guide to DIY Shower Fixes


Society tells women they look feminine with long hair—but not particularly feminine when cleaning out a drain. Be a good human and unclog your shower drain naturally, if possible. Preventative medicine: swipe the floor for erstwhile locks after every use.

shower curtain mold 300x225 Your Quick Guide to DIY Shower Fixes


Moldy curtains are not only gross but also a health hazard; clean them, or if they’re truly terrible, please replace. The curtain rod is nearly as important for shower enjoyment; if yours tends to fall off and concuss you, try installing a curved one. It will give you more space, not to mention that it looks classier than a straight rod duct taped to the wall.

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