Hosting Summer Houseguests? Here's How to Do it Right!

Summer is the time to take a vacation and relax in your new surroundings — unless you’re the one hosting said vacationers! So what to do about summer guests who descend on your home? Funny you should ask? We have some thoughts in the vein…

guest meals 300x199 Hosting Summer Houseguests? Here's How to Do it Right!

Keep the meals simple

It’s summer! People will be more than happy with some salad and a few light accompaniments. When you entertain in the winter, you can spend all evening in the kitchen, catching up while one of you cooks. But the days are longer, and everyone, you included, will want to spend them outside, not waiting for a roast—so plan your menu accordingly!

Make a plan—but allow for flexibility

Different guests have different expectations for visiting activities. This is especially true in the summer: some people just want to lie on the beach and sip cool drinks, while others might want to visit as many museums as they would during a rainy fall visit. Before your guests arrive, ask them what they’re looking forward to, and sketch out a rough itinerary in order to keep things from grinding to a halt when they do arrive. But don’t schedule them down to the minute—it’s much better to take it easy when the sun is shining.

guest reading material 200x300 Hosting Summer Houseguests? Here's How to Do it Right!

Stock up on frozen snacks and light reading

Like we said—some guests will just want to lounge, and a good host gives the guest what she wants! Facilitate the lounging with summer snacks, including ice pops and lemonade, and with easy reading in the form of magazines or borderline trashy novels (or The New Yorker, depending on your friends). Deck chairs and hammocks will also be appreciated, if you have them available.

friends doing dishes 200x300 Hosting Summer Houseguests? Here's How to Do it Right!

Give them something to do or bring

Although not all guests will be so considerate, most will want to know what they can contribute to the cause. Let them bring something, or complete a task that needs doing. It will make your life easier, and will put them at ease.

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