Celebrity Housing Roundup

Just when you thought your apartment couldn’t feel any smaller, you decide to read about the stomach-churningly large houses that the rich and famous buy and sell like used ski equipment. Let’s check in and see what’s been happening….

celeb house bullock 300x197 Celebrity Housing Roundup

Sandra Bullock

Apparently even celebrities are downsizing these days. Although good old Sandra used to be the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, those days are over. (Now she’s only the third-highest-paid actress in Hollywood, and is feeling quite poor. We actually made that statistic up, we have no idea where she ranks, except very, very high when compared with the rest of us.) So she’s selling her house! Well, one of them: the one in Austin, Texas. But not the one on Lake Austin. That one she’ll keep—along with six plus others. And if her Austin place sells, she’ll have another $2.5 million for landscaping.

celeb house phillippe 300x224 Celebrity Housing Roundup

Ryan Phillippe

Has anyone even heard from Ryan since he split with Reese Witherspoon? We didn’t think so. It seems he’s been holing up here. Frankly, if all it takes to land that pad is divorcing Reese, we might be tempted, at least until we rent Sweet Home Alabama and fall in love all over again…anyway, both the house and the lady are probably out of our price range: this one’s on the market for nearly $7 mill.

celeb house beatty 300x225 Celebrity Housing Roundup

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

Speaking of $7 million, that’s also what Warren and Annette are asking for this Hollywood mansion, which they’d previously been renting out. Until we heard about this, we didn’t even know the classy couple was still together—it warms the heart! (Choose love, and buy this place over Phillippe’s.)

celeb house letterman 300x207 Celebrity Housing Roundup

Bonus Round: did you know David Letterman lives here?

…And my aunt told me I should be dating the computer nerds, not the funny guys.

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