Apartment Envy: TV Edition

Ever watch a TV show and find yourself more caught up in a character’s awesome digs than in the actual plot? We do. Here’s a few of our all-time favorite apartments on TV:

friends apt Apartment Envy: TV Edition


I mean, obviously. This apartment is the first apartment most people think of when they think of TV apartments. Sure, it’s because it’s where almost all of the show takes place, and because it’s decorated just cutely enough that we want to live there and our boyfriends wouldn’t object. But mostly, it’s notable because it’s FREAKING HUGE for a New York apartment, and has been brainwashing generations of 90s kids into thinking they could rent in the Big Apple and actually have space to walk around.

70s show apt 300x225 Apartment Envy: TV Edition

That 70s Show

Okay, the basement is not technically an apartment. But IS a super cool hangout spot, and much more like a NYC apartment than the aforementioned one. Also, it makes us all wish that we could decorate like it was still the 70s without suffering the judgment of our friends/without spontaneously developing seizures due to the awful color scheme.

carries apt satc 300x187 Apartment Envy: TV Edition

Sex and the City

Carrie’s apartment isn’t awesome JUST because she manages to bring back oodles of good-looking men that don’t seem to exist in real life. It’s also because, deep down, we wish we had a tiny little piece of the world all to ourselves—in Manhattan, with our own newspaper column, seven feet from more clothing than we’d know what to do with.

ugly betty apt 300x227 Apartment Envy: TV Edition

Ugly Betty

Everything in this show is overdone, color-filled, kitsch-tastic. Betty’s place included.

gossip girl apt 300x177 Apartment Envy: TV Edition

Gossip Girl

Actually, it’s a tie between all the apartments on Gossip Girl. No pretense here: the show is straight up about how much money you’d need to live in a pad like this. And we don’t have it. So we watch the show, sigh, and that’s about the closest we’ll get.

mad men apt 300x210 Apartment Envy: TV Edition

Mad Men

Don and Megan Draper’s Manhattan pad, with its floor-to-ceiling city views and perfect 70s decor, is mod-chic for days. If you’re the nostalgic type, just seeing a picture of this place probably sends you into daydreams of glamorous mid-century New York life. With a dreamy ad executive on your arm. Sigh.

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