Mother's Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will REALLY Love

mother daughter 300x199 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will REALLY Love

It’s that time of year again—the time of year when you are torn between thinking Mother’s Day is just a Hallmark sham and wanting your mother to know that you actually do appreciate her, at least enough to make her breakfast in bed. Actually, if you live with or near you mother (and so many of us do, in these harrowing economic times), just make her breakfast in bed and call it a day. Maybe pick some flowers for a vase. Or, if you don’t live with your mother and thus demonstrably have money to burn, try one of these ideas for what most moms would probably like more than jewelry—after all, that’s what your dad’s for.

Learn how to massage

Sure, you could buy your mother a massage. Or you could take a class in massage, and then give her multiple massages yourself. Incidentally, massage courses in Thailand are pretty cheap, although the airfare to get there isn’t.

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Be or hire a handyman

If you have a particularly busy mother, there are probably a million small things around the house that she’s been meaning to take care of; offer to tackle them over a weekend. You know, fix the leaky sink, weed the garden, wash all the windows. Or pay someone else to do it.

Go to Confession

…or your mother’s religious equivalent. If you’re a spiritual slacker and your mom’s scared for your soul, why not throw her a bone once a year and tell her that you’ve improved your chances of seeing her in the afterlife. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy something that indicates a promise of grandchildren

Or, if your mother’s more like mine, buy something that indicates no grandchildren, at least for a while. For example, for the former type of mom, you could join an online dating site, propose to your boyfriend (okay, maybe pushing it a little), or buy some really cute little shoes for said unborn grandkid. In other words, give her hope. If she’s the latter type, maybe swear off dating deadbeats. Moms love that.

money Mother's Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will REALLY Love

Pay off part of your college loan

Unless you’re already doing that. Or, even if you are, there’s that classic card: “Dear Mom, I love you so much that I’m not saddling you with the debt for my degree in art theory, so here’s a drawing I made on a slow day at the bar.”

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