Springtime on Etsy

The way we see it, there are two ways to deal with a shopping addiction. One is to seek therapy, the other is to shop. We cannot help with the former, although we posit that there might be a third option: window (or, in this case, screen) shop. To that end, we’ve put together some delightful spring-related items you can find on Etsy these days. (Because, you know, even addictions can be themed.)

etsy tutu dress 229x300 Springtime on Etsy

Tutu Dress

Doesn’t it just scream, “I’m a fairy, ravage me [with my permission]”?

etsy sunhat 300x185 Springtime on Etsy

“Think Spring” Sunhat for Girls

Because even the consequences of ravishings should be cutely dressed.

etsy spring park 300x300 Springtime on Etsy

“Spring Park”

In case you’re in Canada, for example, and spring is still just a barely-remembered concept. (Or maybe you’re in Texas and it’s snowing and you’re wondering why you ever doubted climate change…you could probably use a nice painting about now…

etsy earrings 300x286 Springtime on Etsy

Sunflower Earrings

So you can match your garden! (You have a garden, right?)

etsy suspenders 227x300 Springtime on Etsy

Little Guy Easter Suspenders


etsy wedding decor 300x224 Springtime on Etsy

Spring Wedding Décor

In case you want to legitimize that dress from the beginning of this post.

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