RealPage Honored With A Heroes of Hope Award From United Way!

We Hate to Brag, But…

We here at RealPage (what, you thought we only went by MyNewPlace? No, no, silly, that’s just our little sub-company; why would we settle for one name when we can have two?) are proud to announce that we’ve been honored with a Heroes of Hope Award from United Way.

united way live united RealPage Honored With A Heroes of Hope Award From United Way!

These awards are given to corporate donors for exceptional campaign contributions; RealPage is getting one in particular for Total Campaign Increase, Outstanding Leadership, and the Live United Award for Technology/Telecom Industry.

United Way is a great organization, an association of charitable organizations working to combine fundraising effort and support. They focus specifically on community issues, something that we at RealPage and MyNewPlace hold very close to our hearts. Schools, businesses, government agencies, neighborhood associations—these are just some of the kinds of groups that benefit from United Way, and from people giving their business to companies like ours. In raising money for United Way, we emphasize student support, poverty alleviation, and social health.

We just thought you should know! As a reader of our blog, or a browser of our listings, you’re part of this, too!

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