Apartment Remedies: Hay Fever

Maybe you’re still battling cabin fever, but it’s never too early to plan your escape-of-the-sniffles. While we can’t guarantee any of these, we usually feel a few natural antidotes are preferable to full-on medicinal warfare played out in your digestive tract. So, consider the following.

hay fever Apartment Remedies: Hay Fever

Local honey

Surely the most delicious solution. The theory behind eating local honey is that your body will become used to the area’s pollen, and therefore be less sensitive to it when it explodes all over your April. For best results, start slathering well before spring. Raw honey is preferable here, not only because it taste better, because it has more of the good stuff still in it. You’re more likely to find raw products in a natural foods store than on the shelves of a conventional supermarket.

honey Apartment Remedies: Hay Fever

Nettle tea

Apparently, nettle enhances the body’s defense mechanisms and cleanses the blood; although it won’t “cure” allergic reactions, it can reduce them.


Chamomile, either inhaled from oil or ingested through tea, is said to be a good anti-inflammatory. Garlic and ginger are immune-system boosters, and also clear congestion; you can add some ginger and cayenne pepper to chamomile tea for sinus-clearing, anti-inflammatory action. Top it off with some honey, and you’ve got an allergy-busting super drink.

chamomile tea Apartment Remedies: Hay Fever

Stop it from getting in

You can put a little petroleum jelly or similar balm in the nose to increase your sniffer’s pollen-catching abilities. Some people recommend always showering before bed, or after you come in for the night, in order to wash off any pollen that might be clinging to your skin and hair. Dust and vacuum regularly, and occasionally clean your carpets. And, of course, you can avoid going outside when hay fever season is in full swing, but to us, this is a last resort!

apring cleaning girl Apartment Remedies: Hay Fever

Remember! The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so although you may think it’s safe because it’s “herbal,” take supplements’ health claims with a grain of salt (and just a grain, because there is actual research on sodium and blood pressure) and refrain from overloading your body. Lots of times, the best health comes from eating a good diet with many fruits and vegetables.

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