How to Beat Cabin Fever – For Adults!

Lest you get TOO excited, this is a list of entirely PG ways for you to let off a little steam this winter:

adults having fun How to Beat Cabin Fever   For Adults!

Throw a party, any party

All you want to do is curl up under a blanket, we know, but you can only do that for so many hours before it gets a little pathetic. Beat the winter blues by hosting a dinner party, inviting friends over for poker, or hosting a rager that recalls your most collegey of college days. Bonus: you’ll have a legitimate reason to lie in bed for hours the next day.

Take your lazy winter activities to an extreme level

It’s cold and grey, so you bake some cookies and then waste an afternoon watching a movie. Instead, why not bake dozens of cookies and put on a bake sale, or send goodies to everyone in your address book? If you’re going to watch one movie, why not watch three, and invite all your friends over for a marathon? Yours could become the Apartment of Weekend Movie Marathons (Star Wars, Alien, and Indiana Jones could keep you busy for a few weeks).

cookies How to Beat Cabin Fever   For Adults!

For heaven’s sake, take up an outdoor sport

This is really the ultimate way to enjoy winter. Live in a cold place? Skating, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hockey, snowshoeing, even winter running and hiking all provide hours of fun, and you’ll appreciate that roaring fire all the more.

…or just get in shape

If you’ve really got that much time on your hands, but still can’t bring yourself to stay outside for more than five minutes, join a gym. Take up yoga. Invest in obscure self-defense classes that make you feel like a badass. Even a couple hours a week of extra activity and extra endorphins can put a spring in your step. Feeling intimidated or lonely? Find a workout buddy.

man woman exercise How to Beat Cabin Fever   For Adults!

Look up local events

Book club is starting to look good, isn’t it? Use the winter blues, and all those hours you spend zoning out in front of the computer (you’re reading this post, after all) as an excuse go attend events that you might not otherwise. Sure, every once in a while you’ll have to sit through two hours of awful improvisational theater, but you never know what might end up becoming a new hobby, or who you might meet in the meantime.

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