Are Your Employees Slacking? How To Cultivate In-Office Responsiveness

We all know that the economy is at best shifty, and the housing and apartment markets tenuous.  In such an economic climate, property managers would do well to retain as many tenants as possible.  But how to do this without increasing costs?  It turns out that how well an office responds, to both phone calls and emails, is the greatest factor in whether or not a tenant will renew her lease.  With the following strategies, as reported by Property Management Insider, it’s possible to increase client satisfaction without increasing expenses.

happy employees waving hands Are Your Employees Slacking? How To Cultivate In Office Responsiveness

Institute a Same-Day Response Policy

Surveys have found that resident satisfaction greatly increases not only from landlord response, but from timely landlord response.  Make it an in-office policy to reply to calls and emails before the end of each work day; concerns will be addressed more efficiently, rather than pushed down the priority list, and tenants will learn to trust management’s effectiveness.

Constantly Update Contact Information

The best way to maximize communication is to ensure communication is possible.  Every time a resident calls, double-check their phone number and email address.  Again, this tactic encourages business to run smoothly, and also conveys office commitment to excellence.

woman using computer Are Your Employees Slacking? How To Cultivate In Office Responsiveness

Develop Strong “Online Property Management Systems”

More and more Americans rely on the Internet for their business communications, and property managers need to maintain interfaces that makes resident use as easy as possible.  Office email addresses are the most basic; office websites are slightly less common, but also a good idea.  Tenants appreciate the options of being able to pay rent and make service requests online, and in some cases allowing them to do so—regardless of whether it’s during regular operating hours—will ensure that rents are paid and maintenance issues addressed more promptly.  Consider also an easily searchable office Facebook page that links to any such useful resources.  And make sure new tenants are aware of these amenities before they move in.

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