Celebrity Housing Roundup, 2011!

The year’s over, folks (and so are some other things—Kim’s marriage, anyone?) which means it’s time to see who in Hollywood spent more on an apartment than you’ll spend sending three kids to over-priced colleges.  Why do we do this?  Why do you need to know what brand of bra Katy Perry prefers?  It’s best not to examine these things to carefully.  Better to examine:  Celebrity Housing 2011!

Ashton Couldn’t Make Up His Mind

ashton kutcher home Celebrity Housing Roundup, 2011!

There’s nothing like giving up your bachelor pad right before giving up your marriage.  Ashton Kutcher traded in these sweet digs for $2.4 million, right before everyone in the tabloids and their moms caught him cheating.  We know she’s older, Ashton, but anyone who can play a Charlie’s Angel after forty and look good with a shaved head is probably worth keeping around.  Guess their home of wedded bliss isn’t the only thing on the market.

Bruce Willis Is Still a G

bruce willis home Celebrity Housing Roundup, 2011!

Bruce Willis’s house is selling for $15 million, more than five times what Ashton Kutcher’s did, so if it comes to a round of Demi’s exes playing Whose Is Bigger, it seems clear who’ll win.

Someone Sleeps Right Down the Hall From Where Elizabeth Taylor Died

elizabeth taylor home Celebrity Housing Roundup, 2011!

Divorce isn’t the only reason to move real estate in Hollywood—death can also do the trick.  A mysteriously unnamed buyer scored Elizabeth Taylor’s house—the one in which she died last March.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the Girl Who Had Everything sticks around to haunt the place.

Not Even an Investment of Millions Can Keep Perry Tied Down

matthew perry home Celebrity Housing Roundup, 2011!

Although Friends ended years ago, Matthew Perry’s still as twitchy as ever.  Bought a home in August, put his apartment pictured above on the market, listed his Malibu residence and his “primary” (although who can keep track) L.A. home—all in the course of two months.  I don’t buy eggs that often.

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