Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

There are some foods that you just can’t get through the holidays without eating.  Everyone has their own variations on these things, and some… aren’t quite as good.  We’ve combed the internet for the best time-tested recipes from celebrity chefs, well-loved cookbooks, and popular restaurants.  Here are our five favorites.

1. Gingerbread

gingerbread Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

Possibly the cutest of all Christmas confections, gingerbread allows bakers ultimate flexibility; it’s guaranteed to be tasty and festive, whether you prefer to create biscuits, gingerbread men, or an entire village of icing-dusted houses.  This recipe is from Rick Rodger’s cookbook Christmas 101, via the Food Network. Unlike most gingerbread recipes, this one is foolproof–and you can use it to make thin crisps or moist-and-chewy decorations.

2. Latkes

latkes Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

Latkes are a traditional part of Hanukkah meals, because the oil used to fry them is symbolic of the lamp oil that lasted for eight nights.  However, you don’t have to celebrate Hanukkah to appreciate how tasty these potato pancakes are.  They’re crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and the cranberry jam adds a little extra holiday zest.  One of the best things about this recipe is the number of seasonings–shallots, garlic, tarragon, and mustard pack plenty of flavor.  Hint: If you like your latkes really crispy, use the starchiest potatoes you can find.

3. Egg Nog

egg nog Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

This recipe is from Martha Stewart, one of MNP’s favorites, and it’s every bit as delicious as you would imagine.  The milk, cream, whipped cream, and beaten egg whites give it a smooth and frothy consistency, and the three types of liquor make it extra-delicious!

4. Turducken

turducken Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

A turducken is a culinary triathlon: it requires three kinds of meat, three kinds of stuffing, and plenty of time, strength, and patience.  Rest assured, though, that this version is tasty enough to be worth all the work. If you’ve ever wondered about this delicacy, made famous by football commentator John Madden, the holidays are a perfect time to try it out.  You have a few days off and plenty of helping hands!

5. Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon buns Five Perfect Holiday Recipes

Christmas morning calls for an especially tasty breakfast, and comfort food queen Paula Deen has you covered.  Cinnamon rolls let you have a sweet, warm, decadent breakfast…without any of the mess. These pastries stay soft and chewy for several days, unlike other versions, so you can continue to munch on them as you try out all your new gifts!

Try these recipes and let us know what you think–either here or on Facebook.

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