Meeting the Neighbors

If you’re just moving into a new apartment complex, it’s the perfect time to make friends. In many apartment complexes, neighbors keep to themselves and may be hard to connect with them, but don’t give up!  Check out the following tips for making your new apartment into a new home!

1. Introduce yourself.

It seems obvious, but many of us never think to actually introduce ourselves to our neighbors. It may feel strange to go door to door, letting your new neighbors know who you are, but really, it’s the simplest way to meet them. You can have a card or a flier prepared for them as well, so that they’ll remember your name after you’ve gone. If you want to befriend your new neighbors, you’ll want to carry a pad of paper around to jot down their names as well.

homemade party hats Meeting the Neighbors

2. Invite your neighbors over for a casual get together or housewarming party.

A good time to invite your neighbors over for a housewarming party is while you’re introducing yourself. If you have a flier, include information about the party on it so that your neighbors will know when to come over. And make sure the party isn’t too wild or too formal, either. It’s hard to get to know people when you’re serving a large meal or keeping your drunken friends from climbing the walls. These types of parties may be unbearably uncomfortable for people who don’t know you well.

muffins Meeting the Neighbors

3. Come bearing gifts.

One of the easiest ways to make friends with neighbors is to bring something over. If you’re baking cupcakes or muffins, put a few aside to share. Most people will appreciate the gesture and many will respond with a gift of their own. A common unwritten social rule states that you never bring over an empty dish, so if you hand over a gift of food to a neighbor in a dish that needs to be returned, many will fill it up before they give it back. Remember this “rule” yourself in case a neighbor welcomes you with a gift of food!

4. Attend community events.

Your apartment complex may put together informal events for all the residents to enjoy. If you attend these events, it’ll be a lot easier to meet the people who live in your complex. If you community doesn’t have regular get-togethers, you can talk to the leasing office about organizing one. Most offices won’t mind hosting a party and sending out the information in the monthly newsletter if you do the leg work of planning and organizing.  You can even meet people by shopping at a local market and saying hello to anyone you recognize.

happy neighbors Meeting the Neighbors

5. Be a good neighbor.

One of the best ways to befriend your neighbors is to be a good neighbor. Make sure that you don’t disturb your neighbors by turning to music or television too loud. Be respectful of the community’s quiet hours. Say hello when you pass your neighbors on your way to or from your apartment. There are lots of ways to be a good neighbor and it’s often the little things that add up to a friendship.

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