Considering Giving Back? Check Out These Excellent Housing Charities

Want to improve your housing karma? Consider donating to one of these housing charities. Times are tough for many of us right now, but there are many families who don’t have the resources to put a roof over their heads. Donating or volunteering can help you make a difference in the world and give your self-esteem a great boost.

Habitat for Humanity

There’s a reason that Habitat for Humanity is the largest and best known housing charity in the US. The organization, first started in 1976, has helped build over 400,000 homes for people all over the world. Habitat believes that everybody should be entitled to proper shelter and that communities can come together to help people who don’t have enough resources on their own. There are a number of ways for people to get involved with this organization. Habitat accepts monetary donations, of course, but also accepts donations of new building materials. This organization also relies on the help of volunteers to build houses across the nation and around the world and volunteers can assist at build sites for a couple of days, weeks or months. Houses created by Habitat for Humanity are sold at reasonable rates to families in need who have worked hard within the program and the money from the sales goes back into the program to help out other families in need.

habitat for humanity house construction Considering Giving Back? Check Out These Excellent Housing Charities

Red Cross

Though it isn’t directly involved with helping those in need get housing, one of the main responsibilities of the Red Cross is helping people after a disaster. Fires, floods, earthquakes or other disasters can damage homes and apartment buildings and the owners and renters of these places often have nowhere to go. The Red Cross responds to these emergencies around the world giving immediate financial relief to people in need. Donating money to the Red Cross is a great way to make a difference in the world, but the organization can also use help from volunteers. People with an spare half day a week can volunteer at their local chapters working in the Red Cross offices or out in the field with people in need.

american red cross Considering Giving Back? Check Out These Excellent Housing Charities

Enterprise Foundation

This organization is focused on providing affordable housing to low and medium income people across the US. Over the past two decades, the group has built 280,000 homes that it sells or rents at reasonable rates. The Enterprise Foundation is supported largely through grants but it does rely on donations from individuals as well. Though Enterprise focuses mainly on a few communities, it is partnered with other organizations across the nation to provide housing support to people in every state.

donate now Considering Giving Back? Check Out These Excellent Housing Charities

Local Charities

There are plenty of local charities to donate to as well. These may focus their efforts on just one state, county or region and are often very good at getting help out to people who need it. Make sure you research your local charities fully before donating to make sure that they use the money effectively and that you fully support their cause. The apartment industry in general gives back amazing amounts to a variety of charities across the United States and they were certainly not alone. If you have a charity you’d like us to showcase, please drop us a line here or on our Facebook page.

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