Ever Wondered What $150k Per Month Rent Will Get You?

With rental prices on the rise throughout much of the nation, many people are looking for ways to save money in order to make ends meet. The end of a lease can mean a hefty hike in rental prices, with some units seeing an increase of ten percent of more. Having to pay an extra hundred dollars each month when wages aren’t rising to meet the rents can put quite a burden on an already struggling family. But while rents of $750, $1,000 or $2,000 a month may seem like a lot to most of us, there are people out there paying more—much more—for their apartments.

Introducing Apartment 33A:

waldorf towers Ever Wondered What $150k Per Month Rent Will Get You?

This sprawling, 6,000 square foot apartment located in the heart of New York City costs an outrageous $150,000 a month to rent. Yes, you read that right, it’s $150,000 a month. This apartment is located on the top floor of The Waldorf=Astoria and is well known as the former residence of Cole Porter, who lived there between 1934 and 1964. Since then, many famous guests have occupied these rooms, which is no surprise with the unit priced the way it is. Though the apartment caters to the rich and famous, as long as you have the rich part, they’d be happy to rent it out to you.

waldorf floorplan Ever Wondered What $150k Per Month Rent Will Get You?

The apartment can quite comfortably hold quite a few people, with its five or six bedrooms (depending on whether you’d like to use the one as a garden room or not). The residents can easily convene in the massive living room that stretches thirty feet long on one side and twenty four on another. A reasonably sized one bedroom apartment could easily fit inside the living room of Apartment 33A.

waldorf kitchen Ever Wondered What $150k Per Month Rent Will Get You?

If it’s full to capacity, it would take a big kitchen to feed all the people staying at Apartment 33A, and that’s just what the unit has. There are multiple ovens, a sub-zero freezer, three sinks and of course, a separate wine refrigerator. And if residents of this apartment get tired of cooking for themselves, there’s room service or one of the four restaurants in The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel just below.

This apartment is available to rent short or long term and if you have the disposable income, you can live in it for thirty years, just as Cole Porter did. Of course, being a part of a hotel, the apartment comes fully furnished with everything you could need. If you do happen to think of something you’d like brought up to the rooms that hasn’t already been provided, for $5,000/night, the staff of the hotel would no doubt acquire it for you.

People who rent Apartment 33A are also free to enjoy the amenities of the hotel. The Fitness Center and Guerlain Spa, business center, concierge and hotel maid service are all available to the resident of 33A. There’s even a private entrance so there’s no need to walk into the hotel lobby to get up to the apartment; a perfect situation if you ever need to hide from hordes of adoring fans.

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