How To Be A Rock Star Tenant: Tips From Apartment Management Teams

What makes a good apartment resident? If you are the resident of an apartment community, you probably have your own answer to that question. After all, it isn’t hard to think of what kind of neighbor you’d like to have. From the point of view of the staff at the apartment community, there is also an ideal resident. Multifamily Insiders outlined the top traits in a recent article and as it turns out, staff have many of the same ideas about what makes a good apartment community member as the tenants often do.

Not surprisingly, at the top of the list of good qualities for an apartment renter, “Pays rent on time,” is always number one. If you have an undependable roommate, you know just what it feels like to have to cover for someone who doesn’t pay promptly. Though a complex isn’t a person, it does have bills to pay. Residents who pay on time make the business of the multifamily company run more smoothly, and the jobs of the the company’s employees much less stressful.

pay rent reminder How To Be A Rock Star Tenant: Tips From Apartment Management Teams

The staff also prefer residents who are friendly and understanding. Dealing with people who are unhappy and sometimes downright rude is a common part of a multifamily employee’s day. Often, a smile and a hello from a friendly resident can go a long way towards getting someone through a stressful workday. A complex also appreciates it when a resident is understanding about things like maintenance issues, that sometimes take a little time to get fixed. The handyman isn’t Superman, after all.

apartment repairman How To Be A Rock Star Tenant: Tips From Apartment Management Teams

Apartment community staff also appreciate residents who aren’t afraid to talk about issues when they come up. Not everything will always be wonderful. An obnoxious neighbor may be leaving trash in the common areas, a parking issue may need to be resolved or a maintenance problem may occur. Residents that can talk clearly and calmly about these and other issues make life much easier for the staff, who are often unaware of problems until helpful residents bring them to their attention. Although community staff may have tools or property management software to assist them in day-to-day management issues, constructive feedback from residents is valuable and does help to bring management staff up to date on areas of community interest.

friendly women drinking coffee How To Be A Rock Star Tenant: Tips From Apartment Management Teams

Just as the residents themselves prefer that they have good neighbors, the staff at an apartment complex also like it when their residents are good neighbors. This means keeping common areas clean, following the complex rules and attending community events that help residents get to know one another. Of course, as a business, an apartment community also loves it when the residents promote their complex in the larger community, especially when it comes time for friends and family members to seek out a new place to live.

happy people jumping How To Be A Rock Star Tenant: Tips From Apartment Management Teams

Neighbors move away sometimes, and people renting apartments are often in their units for a shorter amount of time than people who buy their own property. Though apartment complexes understand when people need to move away, their favorite residents are those who stay for many years, renewing their lease and remaining a part of the community for many years.

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