Tablet PC's and Community Management: What You Need To Know

Tablet computers offer on-the-go computing, and with 3G enabled Internet access from just about anywhere. Adding these to the toolkit of an apartment community’s office can streamline productivity and make managing the premises much more efficient. Here are a few ways to use a tablet when managing an apartment community.

tablet pc users Tablet PC's and Community Management: What You Need To Know

1. Keep track of units.

Carrying around a tablet can give the staff of a large apartment complex a convenient way to keep track of which units require what type of attention while they’re on-the-go. A complex handy-man can arrive at one site, complete a job and then check in on a tablet to find out where to head next, without having to make a special trip back to the office. A leasing agent can show one unit to a prospective renter and check on the availability of other units without having to return to the office. Web-based property management software can also help pull all the pieces together for you.

2. Access to e-mail while out of the office.

Staff can check e-mail while out of the office if they’re using tablets. Communication through cell phone is not always convenient and discreet e-mail messages can be left for staff members so that they don’t interrupt a conversation with a renter or future renter. These e-mails can then be checked between job sites and followed up on accordingly.

3. Updatable maps.

Map features can help staff navigate between the various units on the property. This can be especially useful on large properties that have many units. Again, it can be possible to check in on what work needs to be done while out of the office which can save a lot of back and forth time. Prospective renters may also want to know how convenient living in a complex would be. Using map features can show them how close stores, their place of work or schools are so that they know exactly how long they would expect to spend commuting before that first morning drive.

ipad map Tablet PC's and Community Management: What You Need To Know

4. Internet searching on demand.

Staff members with tablets can also answer questions that prospective renters ask while they’re looking over a new apartment. If they want to know the dimensions of the living room, the distance to the nearest pool or how far away the freeway onramp is, all of that info can be easily accessed from a tablet right away.

5. Photos.

Tablets are also a great way to share photos. Again, this feature can be used to show prospective renters what the property looks like, other available units look like, what the views are or even what an empty unit could look like furnished.

6. Sharing documents online.

Keeping shared documents online can help multiple people in an office collaborate on the same projects. If there are two handy-men, for example, a spreadsheet can be used to show the list of jobs to be done and then accessed remotely by each of the staff members through a tablet. This can help these two workers communicate when they are at different sites and can also help the office keep track of how the work is coming along. Multiple apartment showers can coordinate similarly, updating lists of available units when new renters decide to sign on or former renters decide to move out.

tablet pc user Tablet PC's and Community Management: What You Need To Know

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