Facebook for the Shy Apartment Manager

Responsible for social media but shy about starting? If you’re an apartment manager wary of diving in to Facebook or Twitter as a way to reach out to prospective and existing renters, take heart. An article on The New Inquiry website explains what social media does in terms that should eliminate your queasiness about managing your apartment’s profile (big thanks to Rob Horning for the great article!).

Reasons Facebook Is Perfect for the Timid:

1. Facebook lets you broadcast your identity without you having to interact with anyone. For a manager, this means you can build your company’s identity in isolation. You have time to come up with topics of conversation that benefit you, and you don’t have to read nonverbal cues. Instead, says Rob, Facebook lets you control self-presentation at a pace you choose.

Revealing information about your company doesn’t require an occasion. Whereas it would be odd to distribute a flyer or email to community members sharing stories about the history of the neighborhood where you’re situated, for example, or about a new brand of coffee you’re serving in the lobby, it’s completely normal to share random facts like this in Facebook.

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2. Facebook lets your customers receive advice and guidance from you, feel connected, and feel like they can count on you. It suppresses social risk, and sharing is something that is made routine.

Being in touch with all of your community members in person may sound intimidating—and logistically speaking, it is. But Facebook lets people develop an impression of you and your company based on what you say. Even if people don’t comment on your posts, they’re learning about you. The more useful, interesting or helpful information they get from you, the more they’ll feel connected.

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3. You can use Facebook get data you can’t get from face-to-face interaction.

As Rob puts it, approval and attention are objectified and rendered static so you can learn from them. Using Facebook, you can measure your reach, see what demographic you’re hitting, how good you are at reaching target audiences, and what kind of messaging works to attract attention. These are analytics you may be able to use to track how you’re doing and learn how to communicate better. That’s an opportunity you don’t have, for example, after a cocktail party or other in-person social event; you’d never going to remember all the comments you made, or study those which received the best responses to find out why people responded well. But thanks to its written format, Facebook allows you to do just that.

4. With Facebook, total self-involvement is a perfect substitute for gregariousness, and shyness is irrelevant.

Enough said.

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