How to Get Rid of Ghosts in Your Apartment

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If someone could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated.

About one month ago, on a bright and calm, rather pleasant evening, I decided to stay at home watching movies on account of the fact that my roommates were all out of town, a strange and unsettling occurrence rattled my nerves and eventually prompted the purchase of a night light.

Now, this was not the type of situation where you are just kind of sitting around minding your own business when a ghost just shows up and starts haunting the hell out of you for some kind of mysterious transgression on the dead; rather, this was more of an eerie, gnaw at your subconscious and freak you out until your roommates think you are insane kind of situation.

This is exactly what happened that night:

I was watching a non scary movie in the front living room of our apartment. During a commercial, I walked towards the bathroom at the back of our apartment along the long hallway that runs alongside the living room, room of many functions and kitchen. Just as I reached the top of the stairwell, I distinctly heard a voice say “Matt!” The voice was curt and maternal, not forceful, but not without intent. One could compare it to the voice a teacher would use to both get your attention and begin a line of questioning.

My Apartment

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I first assumed it was just a matter of coincidence and that the commercial happened to include my name or a similar sounding word. However, the voice was much louder and very different from a voice that you’d hear on TV, certainly not the typical voice that you’d hear on a commercial trying to sell something. Not only that, but for a solid ten seconds, no sound emanated from the television. After ten seconds of creepy silence, the TV zapped back on and I could clearly hear the contrived happy dialog present in most commercials.

I am not a supernaturally oriented person. My first thought was not “whoa that was weird,” but “whoa that was weird, but I still need to go to the bathroom,” and after checking to make sure that there was no one in the house, I continued on with my mundane activities. If it were not for what happened next, I probably would blamed that lousy Comcast and never given the voice much though and our power bill wouldn’t be so high.

However, about a half hour later, I was in the front living room on the couch, a little on edge (that voice stubbornly stuck in my head) when a book on the mantle not 3 feet from where I sat fell on the floor. The book had been laying face down on the mantle and there is no way it would have fallen on its own. Also, on the mantle were many other items in much more precarious positions, but for some reason this book was knocked to the ground. The second arrow in the floor plan above shows the relative position of the fireplace, right next to the TV.

My defense consisted of turning on every single light in the apartment and grabbing a six pack from the fridge (as ghosts, bears and giving speeches are much less scary after a few casuals). Since the phenomena occurred on either side of the fireplace, I suspected it to be the residence of the unholy beast and I sat on the couch, opened a beer, turned off the TV and waited for any sign of an escalation in haunting tactics.

Since then, silence. No otherworldly encounters of any kind, no mysterious happenings, nothing. It’s either the calm before the storm, I am beginning to lose my grasp on reality or we are paying way too much for rent.

Has anyone ever encountered any kind of haunting in their apartment? Has anyone every moved out of their place because of strange occurrences?

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