The Hills Watch: We Were Totally Right. OBVI.

050208 1821 thehillswat1 The Hills Watch: We Were Totally Right. OBVI.

Oh my god, we were totally right about the keyword “Hillside Villas” going through the roof yesterday! I mean, it was so obvious that it was going to happen. You would have to live in a cave under a rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench to not see it coming. Or the valley. ZING!

So, we made the prediction last week that following Monday night’s new episode of The Hills, MyNewPlace would again be hit by a wave of Google searches for the super trendy apartment of Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge, the Hillside Villas. Oh and Earth to me, if you are going to write about the Hills, make sure you’ve got your facts straight, her name is Audrina, not Adriana Patridge.

Look at the graph below, it has more crazy ups and downs than Scott Baio’s career:

Keyword Search Traffic

050208 1821 thehillswat2 The Hills Watch: We Were Totally Right. OBVI.

Last Monday night’s episode was particularly entertaining as the situation between Lauren and Audrina and the new BF, Justin Bobby unfolded. The situation is later escalated when Lauren begins discussing her roommates with Lo. So when Audrina eventually joins them, Lauren brings up renewing their lease at Hillside Villas. Lauren hinted at looking for a new apartment for rent. As if the situation couldn’t become any more awkward it does when Audrina indecisively says she would be interested in moving into the house if welcomed.

Are viewers looking to possible move in with Lauren if Audrina moves out or if their Hillside Villas apartment becomes available?

Until next Monday’s show the theme song had it right in saying “the rest is still “Unwritten

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