MyNewPlace Adds Apartment Guide and Home Rental Page

This week, MyNewPlace has made some changes and rolled out some new features to help you find apartments for rent.

The MyNewPlace Apartment Guide will help you rent an apartment, and includes articles that cover topics such as how to organize your apartment search, tips for inspecting apartments and questions for landlords, and ways to cut your moving costs. We have also added articles that we have featured on our blog about renting an apartment with roommates, renters insurance, relocating and pet friendly cities.

Be sure to let us know of any issues you’ve had with apartments or roommates so that we can address them in future apartment guide articles, which we will add weekly.

We have found that a significant portion rental searches are for houses for rent. In response to this we have added a home rental page that is focus specifically on finding homes for rent. Families looking to have the benefits of a house, such as having a bit more privacy and elbow room, but are not in a position to buy, often find that rental homes suit them much better than apartments.

Renters looking for homes for rent can also select the property type icon at the top of the search menu to display only rental homes.

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Finally, we’ve also added pages tailored for pet friendly apartments. Renting with pets can be difficult, and our pet friendly apartment page (as well as our article on renting with pets) should help pet owners find the apartments they need. To search for dog friendly apartments, cat friendly apartments, or rentals that allow both, simply select the icon at the top of our search menu and make the appropriate change.

We will continue to roll out new upgrades and resources to meet the needs of renters trying to find apartments and houses for rent. As always, give us feedback on how we can make your apartment search easier.

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