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This morning we saw that our friends over at the HotPads Blog had posted an article about connecting with their company on LinkedIn, using a newly released feature. We were happy to see that MyNewPlace had also been selected as one of the 160,000 companies to be included on their new release.

LinkedIn, the popular social networking site that focuses on connecting business professionals, within and across industries, recently released a beta version of a new feature called Company Profiles. According to their blog post, which goes into some detail on the matter, each Company Profile is comprised of data that each LinkedIn member provides.

By showcasing the people that are working at each of these companies, it really helps to break the monolithic image that can sometimes be associated with corporations. There are actual people behind those mirrored skyscraper windows, which is comforting.

The information that LinkedIn is able to provide is unique because each company is represented by the attributes of its employees. LinkedIn is able to display interesting demographic information such as common universities, median age, what companies its employees have worked at before and after and common job titles.

Other features include recent hires, job listings, popular profiles as well as traditional information supplemented by BusinessWeek. Below is a screenshot of the MyNewPlace Company Profile as it is displayed to me:

linkedin2 50 MyNewPlace on LinkedIn

I have found LinkedIn to be a great site, but usually only useful during a job search. It looks as though they are trying to increase multifunctionality on their site.

Has anyone had good experiences using LinkedIn to find or look for a job? Have you found other uses for the site? Has it become an online rolodex? Hit us back in the comments.

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