10 Things to Tell Your New Roommate

Got a new roommate? Train ‘em fast to keep the tears from falling later. Tell ‘em:

 1. What you’re bringing/already own

No one needs two microwaves. Or two stripper poles. Actually, two stripper poles are better than one, but we stand by the two-microwaves-as-overkill.

 2. What they’d bring, ideally

Since you’ve got the pole covered, this could be something as practical as a strobe light or as excessive as a confetti machine. Or, you know, silverware.

 3. When you go to sleep/your general schedule

It’s polite to ask about theirs, too.

 4. Your pet peeves

As long as you describe them charmingly and not like an overbearing control freak who will make life miserable because someone didn’t wipe her glass down with vinegar after washing it.

 5. All that boring, necessary stuff

Like how much rent is, when it’s due, what utilities are owed, who pays whom for what, trash and street sweeping days, where to shut off the gas in case of an earthquake, where the fuse box is, information about emergency exits or plans.

 6. Any deadly allergies you have

Unless you suspect they might use the information for evil.

 7. How you want to go about making decisions/checking in

It’s good to establish a way for you to address things as they come up. And it’s best not to “tell” so much as discuss this with your roommate.

 8. How to reach your family in case of emergency

Unless they’re ridiculously into practical jokes. Seriously, get a better roommate already.

 9. About any stalkers or exes or anyone they should avoid letting into the house

Maybe just choose better people in general?

 10. That you’ll be a respectful roommate

Mean it.



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